Sep 13, 2017

Caretech Group Teams up with Dialyze Direct




Caretech Group, Inc., a leader in procurement, software and business intelligence solutions for long-term care facilities that services over 35,000 beds in hundreds of long-term care facilities across the U.S., announced it is teaming up with Dialyze Direct LLC, a leader in the area of geriatric dialysis and an innovative provider of staff-assisted home hemodialysis to patients in skilled-nursing facilities (SNFs), in order to market Dialyze Direct’s services to Caretech’s clientele nationally.

“SNFs experience challenges with their transient dialysis patients,” said Paul Hellman, CEO of Caretech Group. “Transient SNF dialysis patients are missing meals, traveling for prolonged periods of time, waiting upon arrival at the outpatient center for their chair time, waiting again for their ride back, and are forced to eat from a bagged lunch. By the time they have returned to the facility they are exhausted. We are always looking for innovative solutions to provide our clientele, and believe that Dialyze Direct’s home hemodialysis model in a long-term care setting provides a viable solution that helps patients achieve better outcomes and makes for a better quality of life. In addition, we also believe that Dialyze Direct’s model will help nursing facilities adhere to the home hemodialysis patient choice requirements in the newly published revisions to the CMS state operating manual for long-term care facility surveyors, and also help nursing facilities maximize reimbursement by adhering to the upcoming changes in rehabilitation reimbursement that will soon focus on patient outcomes as opposed to rehab minutes provided.”

“Our mission is to give SNFs a turn-key solution for providing innovative and compassionate dialysis care within their facilities,” said Henry Kauftheil, Chairman of Dialyze Direct. “Caretech Group is an innovative procurement solutions provider to a large network of SNFs throughout the country, and is an ideal partner to help us market our services to SNFs, and educate them regarding the benefits of our dialysis modality to the facilities and their patients.”

About Caretech Group, Inc.

Caretech Group Inc. is an outsourced procurement, software and business intelligence company that currently operates across the U.S. in hundreds of long-term care facilities, servicing over 35,000 beds. Caretech Group’s results-driven business practices are enhanced with revolutionary technology. Caretech Group offers healthcare facilities a powerful matrix of tools and resources to improve purchasing, control costs, and maintain budgets. Among other things, clients benefit from: expense management solutions, advanced reporting and analytics software, expert consultation, and affiliated GPO purchasing. As more than a GPO, Caretech Group helps customers implement proven best practices and enjoy the best prices in every corner of their facility.

About Dialyze Direct, LLC

Dialyze Direct LLC provides innovative and compassionate staff-assisted home hemodialysis services to geriatric patients residing in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Dialyze Direct’s core mission is to improve the dignity and quality of life of geriatric patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), while significantly reducing the overall costs of these patients to the healthcare system. Dialyze Direct delivers dialysis care with a gentler form of treatment built around more frequent dialysis sessions using the NxStage System One with modified treatment protocols. Dialyze Direct created a unique model of care combining direct oversight with enhanced and proprietary protocols and procedures specifically designed for geriatric ESRD patients in SNFs, through which Dialyze Direct has been able to achieve significantly improved outcomes in this population segment while reducing overall payor costs by eliminating transportation and minimizing re-hospitalizations. In addition to providing substantial quality of life benefits for patients, the Dialyze Direct model is breaking new ground by making these geriatric ESRD patients a viable patient demographic for SNFs. Dialyze Direct currently provides services in Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.